Brotherhood of the Blade

A guild of thieves, assassins, and your general mercenaries. They are in it purely for the gold. Bloodlines, gods, and politics mean nothing to them -- all that matters is the purse you're offering.

Ranks: Hilt, Tang, Guard, Edge, Blade

Knights of Lanaar

The Knights of Lanaar are the martial protectors of the realm and the elite of the Kings Army.

Ranks: Squire, Knight, Knight-Protector, Knight-Commander, Knight-General

Order of the Black Heart

Fanatical followers of Zyron. They see themselves as the elite of his church, and actively seek to do his bidding. Accept only the faithful into their ranks.

Ranks: Initiate, Inducted, Raised, Robed, Devout

Seekers of Truth

Noble philosophers, judges, and the like. Members consist primarily of followers of Leonidus and Lagos, though membership is open to any who follow their ideals.

Ranks: Initiate, Philosopher, Seeker, Judge, Enlightened

Servants of Night

A shadowy group that hold to the belief that each of them possess a touch of the divine spark; specifically, a part of Rallion himself. They each have at least a slight case of madness which leads them to this belief. Their agenda is unclear, but their faith in Rallion is unwavering.

Ranks: Deviation, Lost, Chaotic, Nightwatch, Nightlord

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