Champions are a rare breed of warrior, zealous in their devotion to their God. They use no weapons, preferring to get up close and personal with any combatant whose personal views defy that of their Lords. The Gods lend them magical fighting prowess and special combat abilities in return for thier loyalty to the death -- which any Champion would happily give.

Subclasses: Divine Fury, Divine Fist

Clerics are the most loyal followers of a particular God, awarded for this servitude with powerful magic and summoning powers. Clerics spread the word of their deity, cast the spells of the masters, and fight in the name of the almighty powers that watch over them.

Subclasses: War Priest, High Priest

Elementalists are an offshoot of the Mage class, specializing in the powers of the elements. They live as one with the planet, calling upon the power of earth, air, fire, water, and shadow. They have forsaken the ways of the typical Mage, seeking the ultimate and true power that the planet holds.

Subclasses: Four Circle, Shadow Circle

Mages take the power of the Magic Netherworld and form it into spells, using these spells to accomplish their own ends. Not nearly so limited as the other magic using classes, their grimoires are huge in comparison and their power is something to be feared. They believe that careful thought and planning will always win out over brute strength.

Subclasses: Battle Caster, Archmage

The power of a Necromancer lies in death. Molding the energies of the Death Netherworld to their wishes, Necromancers possess the ability to raise the dead, and have great powers over the body through their magic. A Necromancer is all about Death, and life holds little purpose for them... it is merely a gateway to the great realm of power that eventually consumes us all.

Subclasses: Reaver, Dead Caller

Pathfinders are people of the wilderness. They are at home in the wild and are unhappy when around civilization. They have many skills related to the lands and beasts of Anaris, and often put them to use in defense of the wilderness.

Subclasses: Guardian, Marksman

Rogues are masters of stealth and speed. They sneak, they hide, they creep, they glide; and most importantly -- they steal. Rogues believe that everything in life that wasn't given to them should have been. Therefore, if they see something they want, they take it. They are the true masters of the shadows.

Subclasses: Shadow, Brigand

Warriors are the bashers and smashers of Anaris. They use their unrivaled skill with weapons and their incredible strength to defeat most anything that is thrown against them. Warriors can be anything from a barbarian berserker to a civilized, rapier wielding noble... but they all have the same philosophy: "The cold steel of a blade is mightier than any spell."

Subclasses: Brute, Fencer
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