Lagos, the Truth Bringer

Domains: Justice, Law, Truth

Avatar: Lagos appears as a noble looking man dressed in white and gold clothes of the finest silk. He has long blond hair, blue eyes, and light skin. In one hand he carries a scale and he wields a simple rapier of silver in the other.

Nicknames: The Judge
Lair: Tribald

Zyron, the Dark Lord

Domains: Death, Disease, Evil, Murder, Pain

Avatar: Zyron manifests as a large figure fully armored in black fullplate with only glowing red eyes visible from the depths of his helm. He wields a massive scythe which he has named Reaver.

Nicknames: Lord Doom, Black Heart
Lair: Necrosa

Ehwyn, the Eternal Mother

Domains: Nature, Plants, Animals, Forests

Avatar: The Goddess Ehwyn appears as a young maiden whose skin has a greenish tint. She is clothed in leaves and moss, and has long, dark green hair hanging to her ankles. She wields a huge longbow and a magical oak staff.

Nicknames: The Mother, Green Maiden
Lair: The Eternal Forest

Kyros, the Lord of the Waves

Domain: Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Sailors, Pirates

Avater: Kyros appears as a large merman with a long beard of seaweed and wields a large trident. He has blue eyes that shimmer like the waves.

Nicknames: Blue King
Lair: Coralbed

Laythea, the Bard

Domains: Health, Spring, Birth, Renewal, Art, Music, Beauty

Avatar: Laythea manifests as a beautiful woman with long brunette hair, large almond shaped eyes, and a slender beautiful figure. She carries a long knife as her weapon.

Nicknames: Lady of Spring, The Artist
Lair: The Springwell

Leonidus, the Bookkeeper

Domains: Knowledge, Scholars, Books, Writers

Avatar: Leonidus appears as a wizened old man. He carries a bundle full of scrolls that contain the entire collected knowledge of the universe. He has never fought and carries no weapon.

Nicknames: Keeper of Knowledge, The Grandfather
Domain: The Eternal Library

Rallion, the Father of Chaos

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Darkness, Insanity

Avatar: Rallion appears as a huge man in tattered black clothes. He has bright red eyes and long braided black hair. He carries a massive battleaxe.

Nicknames: The Destructor, Lord Chaos, The Lost Mind
Lair: Chaotica

Raton, the Warrior

Domains: War, Weaponry, Strategy, Aggression

Avatar: Raton appears as a massive figure dressed in crimson platemail. He carries a huge two handed sword strapped to his back and a massive shield etched with his symbol.

Nicknames: The General, The Red Tyrant
Lair: Warforge

Rendihl, the Lady of Love

Domains: Love, Lust, Marriage, Sex

Avatar: Rendihl appears as a fiery red headed woman with a crossbow and carries a scroll containing the names of all the lovers of the world. She is in a rivalry with Laythea, both claiming to be the most beautiful things in existence.

Nicknames: The Eternal Whore
Lair: Redfall Palace

Ulsarhin, the Master of Lightning

Domains: Weather, Wind, Rain, Storms, Lightning

Avatar: Ulsarhin appears as an older man with a long white beard and white hair that resemble the clouds. He carries a long staff that gives its user total control of the weather and is clothed in simple spun cloth.

Nicknames: Storm Lord, Wind Bringer
Lair: Storm's End

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