General Features
  • 8 original races.
  • 8 unique classes.
  • 16 subclasses.
  • 101 mortal levels.
  • 10 gods, with the ability to petition them for gifts and awards.
  • A large, 100% original world.
  • 85X105 room wilderness with diverse terrain types
  • Automated auctions.
  • All monsters have a possibility of dropping rare, randomized equipment.
  • A colorful, toggled ASCII map while in the wilderness.
  • Several languages; how many you can learn depends on intelligence.
  • Airships to quickly travel to major cities.
Combat Features
  • Locational damage affects.
  • Armor is used for damage absorption, not dodging attacks.
  • Optional PK, with 5 clans plus Loners.
  • Epic-classed encounters that require a balanced group to survive.
  • Bows require arrows and can attack from range.
  • Damage messages based on attack type and damage dealt.
Building Features
  • Mob, Obj, and Room progs.
  • Numerous OLC tweaks and additions, making building faster and easier.
  • Random name generator to aid with mob building
  • Well-defined building guidelines
  • Taglines to further customize the player experience
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