The Bloodlines of Anaris

On occasion, a human child in Anaris is granted certain gifts upon their birth. What God granted these gifts to the child and why is rarely known, but these children commonly go on to do great deeds with their lives.

Commonly called bloodlines by the people of Anaris, the granted traits often change the appearance and also tend to define certain characteristics about a person, including mental attitudes and physical ability.


The Aristae are a bloodline of powerful sorcerers and sages. They are an arrogant people and believe that only they have the right to ascend to the realm of the Gods after death.

The Aristae skin is pale, and their hair is very light in color. They tend to be the more fashion conscious bloodline, with both men and women bedecking themselves in fancy clothing and jewelry.

Ability: Influence
The Aristae have the inherent power to influence other people, often going so far as to enslave the mind and create an extremely loyal follower.


The Drakol are masters of creation, and are often metal smiths, weapon masters, and armorers. The finest metalwork in the realm is done by Drakol smiths, and their work always fetches the highest price.

The Drakol tend to be on the short side, and are very stocky. They have dark eyes and skin, and their hair is commonly light or dark brown.

Ability: Bladesong
Drakol possess the power of the blade song. After singing this enchantment, their weapon becomes imbued with intelligence. The Drakol believe that this is the spirit that resides in every weapon, and most treat the weapons as trusted friends. The spirit guides the Drakol's arm, giving them a higher chance for a successful hit.


The Krato bloodline has spent so many years honing the mind that they have developed very limited psionic powers. The Krato as a whole tend to be lone warriors, scholars, and martial artists. They seek a direct connection between mind and body.

Krato tend to be tall and lean, with well defined muscle and bone structure. Their skin and hair range from light to dark brown, and they most commonly have eyes colored brown or black.

Ability: Pyrokenesis
Pyrokenesis allows the Krato limited control of fire. They can create a ball of flame to use as a light, and can also cause the flame to lash out at their enemies.


The Kretak are a warrior bloodline. Its members are strong of body and of will, and they revere combat in all its forms, treating it as an almost religious experience. They are quick to anger and will often fly into a hotheaded rage at the slightest insult.

Kretak tend to be giants when compared to the other humans of Anaris. They are always very tall and heavily muscled. Their skin is commonly light, often well tanned and leathery. Their eyes and hair come in all colors, though many Kretak have taken to the ancient custom of shaving their heads before battle.

Ability: Bloodrush
Bloodrush pumps magical blood through one's body, temporarily increasing their strength and speed.


The Makal bloodline is another gifted in the area of sorcery. But where the Aristae are sorcers of light and nobility, the Makal are sorcerers of darkness, being able to gather much more power from the Death Netherworld. The Makal are commonly followers of Zyron, intent on sending the world to their dark master.

The Makal have very pale skin, and their hair and eyes are always dark in color. They tend to have very sharp looking features, and often dress in long, flowing clothing of a dark shade.

Ability: Blood Theft
With this power a Makal can drain another persons strength and apply it to their own for a limited time.


The Velarru are the most distrusted of all the bloodlines. Due to their extreme swiftness and agility, they commonly find employment as superb thieves and assassins. They tend to be outcasts, being suspicious of all those not of the Velarru line.

The Velarru are the most indistinguishable from the common humans of Anaris, and the only thing that gives a Velarru away is their grace of movement. As such, Velarru vary widely in appearance, and often use this to their advantage.

Ability: Shadowfade
This gives the Velarru a chance of melding into the shadows during combat, causing an enemy to completely miss their target.


The Velnik are unique amongst the bloodlines in that their lineage is widely known, as Rallion's touch can be seen in the minds of all Velnik. Many grow to worship the Lost Mind, but it is not uncommon for one to worship another deity.

Velnik tend to be average of build and height, but are instantly recognizable by their eyes. The eyes of a Velnik, no matter their color, tend to be so pale that they are almost white. Their skin and hair sometimes carry this trait as well, carrying just a hint of color.

Ability: Confusion
A Velnik of little power causes distraction, whereas a Velnik of great power can drive a man insane.


It was rumored that the Vretlough were once the most beautiful people in the world. But as legend has it their patron member had an affair with Rhendil, Goddess of Love, and when the affair turned bad she cursed the bloodline. Due to this curse, Vretlough have severe physical deformities, giving them a monstrous appearance.

Once beautiful, charismatic, and haughty, the Vretlough spent many years in hiding, seeking each other out to escape the world. Over time, however, the Vretlough way of thinking has shifted, causing the line to seek pity on the others of the realm. Most Vretlough now see themselves as the ugly monsters whose sole job is to protect the weak and innocent creations of the Gods.

The Vretlough are all afflicted with some form of physical deformity, ranging from severe scarring to simply pure ugliness. As such, their appearance varies widely, and Vretlough can be found with any skin tone, eye, or hair color.

Ability: Revitalize
This powerful curative ability restores vision, cures diseases, eases tiredness, and heals wounds.

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